We’re glad you joined us….come in, look around and feel free to hang out. And when you’re ready, we look forward to hearing from you. Otherwise, take your time to wander through our pages…we have a lot of exciting stuff planned for 2015!

Our Values…

We are a ministry for the Aboriginal, Torres Strait and Australian South Sea Islander community. 

We aim to build strong and healthy community through respect for culture, heritage and customs. 

Who We Are…

We are an Aboriginal, Torres Strait and Australian South Sea Islander ministry based in the inner-city suburb of Glebe, Sydney.

Our core is community, worship, and growing personally and together. We do other things, but this is our core.

Ministry is through community and justice support, counselling, and special projects.

Community is built up by monthly gatherings and special events, like NAIDOC Week and the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival.

What We’re About..

The Jesus Way…living in spiritual closeness with the land, our culture and our heritage.

Being deeply joyful about our Creator.

Being authentically Indigenous and authentically Christian.

Being a part of St Johns Anglican Church, Glebe.

Meeting unmet needs in our community.

What We Need To Do…

We feel our basics are strong however we are keen to add more music, more regularly.

We also need to find a young Indigenous couple willing to come work alongside our pastors in the ministry. 

Lastly, we need to fundraise regularly in order to have enough money on hand for arranging special events and activities.  

So there you have it – a quick intro to Scarred Tree Indigenous Ministries. It is an exciting time for us, as we explore engaging an online community as well as the broader St Johns and Glebe communities. We’d be glad for your prayers. And also, if you like what you’ve read and want to receive updates, ‘Like’ us on Facebook, where our updates will appear on your newsfeed. Or you can click ‘Follow’ on the left to receive email updates.

Bless ya!

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