Conference Saturday 4 May 2019

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How should Australian Christians think about reconciliation in light of Scripture?

What policies should Christians support?  What is required by Christian theology?  What do Indigenous Christians think and do non-Indigenous Christians know?  How has our history shaped Aboriginal Christian life and thought?  How do we think about:

  • Sovereignty, Treaty, Self-Determination
  • Loss of Land, Loss of Culture, Loss of Children
  • Repentance, Reconciliation, Reparations
  • Invasion, Australia Day, Immigration

Why is it important?

Since the Uluru Statement from the Heart was issued in 2017, reconciliation through treaty has taken on a new dimension. Churches have responded in many ways:

Who is speaking?

  • Pastor Ray Minniecon – Honorary Indigenous Minister at St Johns Anglican Glebe
    • Ray is a descendent of the Kabi Kabi and Gurang Gurang nations of south-east Queensland.  Ray, together with his wife Sharon, have a 40 year ministry to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals and families across Australia. He is the pastor of Scarred Tree Indigenous Ministries.
  • Brooke Prentis – Director, PEACEtalks at Paddington Anglican and 2019 Senior Fellow at Anglican Deaconess Ministries
    • Brooke is a Waka Waka woman, the Aboriginal Spokesperson for Common Grace and coordinator of Grasstree Gathering, which brings together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian leaders from across Australia to equip and inspire an emerging generation.
  • Dr Kate Harrison Brennan – CEO of Anglican Deaconess Ministries
    • Kate spearheads ADM’s mission to raise up women with theological formation for practical and public engagement. A Rhodes scholar and former global affairs advisor to Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Kate leads her team to be courageous and innovative in co-creating with the vulnerable and excluded.
  • Rev Dr Geoff Broughton – Lecturer at St Marks National Theological Centre
    • Geoff lectures in Christian Theology and Practical Theology. A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary (U.S.), Moore Theological College and Charles Sturt University, his research interests include the connections between Jesus Christ and justice. Geoff is the rector of Paddington Anglican.

Who is it for?

  • Churches seeking to understand Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and treaty issues.
  • Anyone interested in developing a biblically faithful understanding of treaty with Aboriginal Australians. Rectors, and senior and assistant ministers from the Sydney Anglican Diocese are encouraged to attend.
  • Anyone interested in hearing from Aboriginal theologians.
  • Anyone with a diligent and exploring faith.